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orientation (with a side of TMI)

Orientation is ongoing. I'm very tired, and it's mostly just sitting and listening to long, dry, boring lectures. Up at 5am, home around 4-5:30pm. Tonight I had some homework to do and I cannot stress enough how obnoxious med calc is. Not like riding a bike.

Yesterday was awesome, as I got hit with a fun little stomach virus that sentenced me to the bathroom for most of the afternoon duration of the orientation. I came home and basically went to sleep until 7, woke up for a couple of hours, and went back to bed; was still a little sick this morning, but after popping some pills, was okay for today. I'm also due for my period, so today I've battling stomach cramps and nausea as well as a very real craving for some chocolate and ice cream (seriously, I got ice cream last night but couldn't even eat it). AND IT'S BEEN RAINING FOREVER.

There's a girl I went to school with who's also starting the same time as me, same unit, only she's night shift (actually, I've now met 3 people on the same unit, but all of them are nights). Still nice to know someone going in. I'll meet with my nurse manager tomorrow afternoon and, hopefully, get a schedule (and perhaps meet my preceptor? I don't really know).

Tomorrow will be somewhat torturous, I suspect, because, on top of Thursdays already being a busy TV night, the Bruce Darkness documentary airs on HBO, but I'm probably going to forgo watching so I'll be able to wake up and stay awake for Friday.

Fortunately Friday only goes to 12:30. Guys, I've barely even opened my laptop this week, and while this delights my mother, it's very sad for me. Hope to resume and catch up this weekend!

(Seriously, only just now do I need to plug my laptop in to charge -- since Monday. This is so sad.)

Oh, also. My GPS is totally fucking with me. As usual.
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