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"I watch the show because until this season cuddy was a bit player in the background so only a few minutes per ep to put up with her two facial expressions. She turned cuddy into a joke of a professional women with her wardrobe (LE chose to dress her that way so she was hot) and the cuddy as mom arc should have died after le didn't get pregnant. It hasn't made her character more deep it just shows her as a selfish bad mother. She never sees her never semms to care to. Wilson is important. All the critics agree as do most fans even if at the moment he's been pushed To the side. House the show and house himself cannot work withot Wilson. The house Wilson friendship is critical it's the only long term relationship on the show ans the most important.
Just because I hate a character of many I should stop watching? It's huddy that's made me not care to watch and house acting like he's on cuddys little leash were he has to bow to everything she wants, he has to apologise all the time but she never has been called on allthe stuff she's done to him not least of which his leg. Kissing his scar??? God purple prose of mills&boon proportions. House isn't house. And that's killing the show."

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How many inaccuracies, opinions expressed as facts, ASSumptions, and examples of magical thinking (or, for the more advanced, conspiracy theories) can you spot? Bonus points awarded, as usual, for the truly astounding offensiveness. I want to give everyone a chance to play, so I held off on deconstructing it myself right off the bat.

On a related note, just before the last House ep came on, I wrote up a pre-ep post-ep review -- I think I came pretty close to nailing it, y/n?

- Huddy Huddy Huddy. Everything's about Huddy. I have no interest in Huddy, what about the medicine? And, in the event that there is actually a good POTW storyline, WAY TO BE PREDICTABLE, TPTB. Ever hear of [insert Days of Yore episode from seasons one through three]? TPTB should watch their own show. Even though it sucks and it's not even in the top 25 this week, or next week, whatever, it's not in the top 25 one of those or these weeks, which clearly signifies the dire need for it to be put out of its misery.

- I couldn't tell who the whore was, because Cuddy's skirt was awful tight. Totally unrealistic. I'm a nurse, I spend a lot of times in hospitals -- there are no administrators who dress like Cuddy. Zero. They all look like her, but they don't dress that way. God, even a t-shirt and jeans pulled down to your ankles, because you're sleeping with your patient, would be more professional. I think "thou shalt not wear a tight skirt" is one of the Ten Commandments (pretty sure it replaced murder; let's be honest, if you've got great hair, what's the big deal?).

- Good thing Cuddy worked so hard to adopt the kid she never sees. Not that I want to watch her. Rachel's pretty much the shark House is jumping on his motorcycle. Actually, I'm pretty sure Rachel is in the shark's mouth, because Cuddy's such a piss-poor mother that she didn't even notice her daughter went deep sea diving.

- I'm so bored with this show. I actually didn't even watch this ep. Can't take it. Anything would be better than this. I don't care about the soap stuff. Please, for the love of all that is holy, just go back to the interesting and fresh stories -- have Wilson move into Cuddy's place, with House, only Cuddy's moved out, and they have to choose carpeting and tiles for the place. That's chemistry, folks.

- I'm gonna watch How I met Your Mother, along with the rest of the 10 million House fans who only watched the show for Cameron. Hope the show's not canceled before JMo can make her appearance and single-handedly (aside from Huddy) kill this travesty of a show! I'm not even here writing this, because, as I mentioned 20 reviews ago, I'm breaking up with this show and will no longer be providing my colorful commentary on it. It is undeserving of my obviously precious time and effort, and, truth be told, I could list at least 10 other important things that require my attention.
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