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26 August 2010 @ 11:41 am
Columbia Records To Release Bruce Springsteen's 'The Promise: The Darkness On The Edge Of Town Story' Nov. 16

Box Set Includes 3CD/3DVD Package Of Remastered Album, Never-Before-Seen Studio & Live Footage, 80-Page Notebook, 21 Previously-Unreleased Songs, And An Extraordinary Documentary Film That Will Debut At The Toronto Film Festival Sept. 14 And On HBO Oct 7

Package Features Nearly Six Hours Of Footage, Including Classic 1978 Houston Performance, And More Than Two Hours Of Audio

Columbia To Simultaneously Release 'The Promise' Double CD Complete Songs From Darkness On The Edge Of Town's Lost Sessions

Columbia Records will release Bruce Springsteen's 'The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story' on Nov 16. The Deluxe Package comprises over six hours of film and more than two hours of audio across 3 CDs and 3 DVDs. The media contents are packaged within an 80-page notebook containing facsimiles from Springsteen's original notebooks from the recording sessions, which include alternate lyrics, song ideas, recording details, and personal notes in addition to a new essay by Springsteen and never-before-seen photographs. Containing a wealth of previously unreleased material, 'The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story' offers an unprecedented look into Springsteen's creative process during a defining moment in his career. 'The Promise: The Darkness on the Edge of Town Story' will additionally be released as a 3CD/3 Blu Ray disc set.

Press release with way more info...

25 August 2010 @ 09:16 pm
I got the job! I got the call today from the HR rep I interviewed with and she told me they'd like to make me an offer (I didn't accept immediately over the phone, she told me to talk it over with my family; that was a resounding YES, of course). It's an med-surg/oncology nursing job.

The only semi-downside is that it will be the night shift, 7pm-7:30am. In some ways, that'll probably be a good thing; nights will be less busy, as far as radiology tests/studies, patient visitors, etc., which should give me more time to get all of my work done and documented. I won't have to deal with quite as much traffic. I'll get paid 10-15% differential, which, yearly, translates to over $10,000 more than I'd be making on days. I have to work every third weekend -- not sure yet if that's in addition to my three 12s, or in place of two of them, and also unsure if there's a differential for weekends as well. Hopefully I can schedule three days in a row, because any days in between will probably be a total loss, after getting myself on the completely opposite of normal schedule. Also, having Monday nights off would be fab! ;)

Their next orientation is 9/13, but I'm doubtful I'll have my NJ license by then. In that case, the next one is 10/4 (and I'm kind of partial to that anyway, as September 13th is creeping up quickly). The orientation is, I believe, 12-14 weeks, and that period will be on the 7a-7p shift.

I'm going to have more money than I've ever had. How foreign! I owe my parents a ton of money (and I think I made promises, along with my sister, to buy my mom a Mac for Christmas or her bday), so initially I'll pay off my credit cards, give them money for car insurance (which I've never been able to afford, what an amazing 27yo I am)... my health insurance (which is $270/mo) will be eliminated. I'll pay towards my loans, but probably won't get too crazy since I have 15 years -- and I'll have to put money aside for my pain management doc (who'll be out of network) and any prescription costs, etc. (my mom was talking about a flex account that takes however much you decide on out of your check, pre-tax, and it has to be used in the year or you lose it -- at which point she said, "And what are you gonna do, buy 3 pairs of glasses?" ..."UH, YEAH, WHY NOT?" That argument was about taking some out but not TOO much).

And I'll be employed and ready for the next Springsteen tour! Let's get down to what really matters, after all.
13 August 2010 @ 12:17 am
Riley's sick (again). I was up all night last night, because she threw up around 2am and then was just acting very strange; I took her out, cleaned up the mess, and she sat outside of my parents' door and whined -- until my dad got up at 6am (he'd gotten up briefly to try to get her to relax). Now she's been throwing up all day -- my dad's downstairs with her right now and we attached a bell to her collar, because she's been pretty much getting up every hour, even though she hasn't got much left in her system. I called the vet and they told us to see how she does tonight, if she's better in the morning, give her some water, then a low residue diet, etc. They made no promises that they'd be able to fit her in tomorrow if she's still not doing well, and we're not sure how much an ER vet hospital would charge (other than $Alot). So, I have a feeling that's going to be our day tomorrow. (She's done this before, not too long ago, in fact; the vet gave her an antibiotic and an anti-emetic, and low-res dog food, and that alone was about $200. These guys get into everything, too, so the most likely explanation is that she ate something she shouldn't have, but it could mean Bad Things. They're scheduled for their yearly visit Wednesday, so hopefully she's better tomorrow and we can follow-up then, rather than having two visits.)

In other news, my sister and I went to see The Kids Are All Right today. It was good, but I walked away thinking it was a bit over-hyped. The people in front of us had the world's most well-behaved baby in the world -- the thing stirred once and only for 15 seconds. The people behind us, on the other hand, were your typical Whisperers Who Can't Actually Whisper At All, which got annoying at times.

We went to the mall, where we found out there's going to be a new candy store opening soon -- IT'S LIKE MY VERSION OF TOYS'R'US. Also found a NY Giants bandanna to give my friend Marisa -- her fiance is a big Giants fan (as my family is), and they just adopted a dog, so I told him I'd get one them. He's also got season tickets with awesome seats and should be taking me along with him to a game. Major bragging rights, right there.

09 August 2010 @ 09:30 pm
So, like, a month ago, I made the mistake of finally agreeing to the long-ignored Adobe Updater stuff. This apparently ANGERED Photoshop, because it erased my serial number for it and IDK why. I can't get it to work and it's pissing me off, and I'll probably have to upgrade to CS4 or, potential horror, CS5, and... I am not okay with this. I do not want change. WTF.

I can't find any explanation on the interwebs, what gives? Anyone have a problem like this? (Or reassurance about CS4/5 for Mac? 'Cause the greyness of CS5 frightens me.)

(Still unemployed. Interview was promising, considering they actually gave me all the salary and benefits details and literature; I'm just waiting on the State of New Jersey, which, yeah, could be a while. Hopefully solid offer will come soon.)

(Also, does anyone else think that Shark Week was incredibly lackluster this year? What ever happened to the 'round the clock sharkiness of years past? I hope you spend some of this year soul-searching, Discovery Channel, and I will see you next year.)
03 August 2010 @ 08:09 pm
It's becoming more and more obvious that house_wilson is no longer a place where multi-shippers are welcome, the focus is on HOUSE & WILSON (instead opting for H/W and blind hatred for H/C), and people are allowed to express their opinion. Actually, scratch that -- H/W mono-shippers are, but, it appears, multi-shippers/H&C fans aren't.

Yeah, like I didn't see this coming when the new mods were named.

This fandom is so amazing.

(I have a legit update in me, but I haven't gotten a chance to write it up, and this bullshit is more overwhelming at the moment.)
28 July 2010 @ 08:42 pm

Translation: First glimpse of season 7 content in promo aired tonight during So You Think You Can Dance

I posted this to house_cuddy, but, there's the mod queue, and AKFAKHFSAJ FLAIL NOW
22 July 2010 @ 11:16 pm
What. The fuck, So You Think You Can Dance?

These eliminations have been so fucking lame. Did anyone look totally pleased with that decision tonight?

In other news, went to see Despicable Me with my sister and a friend of mine. This group of 6 or 7 tweens came in, spent way too much time figuring out (or, really, whining about) their seating arrangement, and then persistently talked and giggled (no exaggeration, they were giggling) randomly. My friend decided to say something to them and managed to completely silence them at first; then, maybe 15-20 minutes later, the whole group stood up and relocated all the way to the front. Pretty effective! Definitely the most receptive annoying moviegoers I've experienced to date.
15 July 2010 @ 12:20 am



09 July 2010 @ 10:50 pm
Fun little FYI: If you're a fellow Macbook user, AppleCare will cover your power adapter if it, for example, melts part of the plastic coating and begins to show its frayed wiring, failing to charge your laptop. Which is nice and unexpected, considering adapters are $80.

Also, an update: My friend is ALSO officially an unemployed RN, huzzah! My sister and I went to the Apple store (and, ultimately, the Sweet Factory) at the King of Prussia Mall, then headed to my friend's house. While we were at the mall, my mother (ever the stalker) called me, "Tell Marisa to check the website!" Called her and she'd already been called by another friend of ours, and, THANK GOD. I went over there with an emergency overnight bag and a contingency plan in the event she didn't pass and needed a solid night of drinking.

Her and her fiance adopted an English Bull Terrier, Cinder, last night -- they of course went in saying they weren't going to bring her home, it was a big decision, blah blah blah. She's cute, though, 2-years old, pretty calm, but also goofy. This breed apparently has a tendency to get all OCD about chasing their tails, which was definitely a problem. She kept "hunting" it; even after you intervened, she'd pretend like she was listening, but she still kept an eye on the tail.

Soooo, the job hunt is on. I kinda just want to chill -- I want to not think about things, veg out, finish unfinished icon batches... The resume might have to come first, after which I have a feeling my mother will gladly submit it to various positions (regardless of my qualifications; hopefully she wouldn't send me to far...).

This is like the most boring entry in the world. My life is so exciting, how do I even have the energy to live it, right?
08 July 2010 @ 01:23 pm
I passed! I am now officially an unemployed Registered Nurse! Quite the distinction, right there.

Now I'm nervous for a friend of mine -- we thought she passed, but her results aren't up on the state licensure site. A few other people from our graduating class turned up at the testing site the same time as us, and theirs appear to be up. I still feel like she most likely passed, but there's some glitch with having it up on the site. She actually took a Kaplan review course beforehand and, overall, I think she was better prepared than I was. So, keep the fingers crossed for her?

I should talk a little about the lead up to the test. My friend and I wanted to go together, so we both scheduled for a testing center close to where she lives (it's about a 45-min drive from my house). Got there around 11:30, we sat around and freaked out a little, then headed to the testing center at 1pm (our appointments were at 2). Now, my license expired in April -- I renewed it, but I still haven't gotten my picture taken to get my new one. They give you this camera card to carry around to prove you've renewed it, which I, of course, forgot. Didn't think it would be a huge deal, because it's still a government-issues photo ID. Yeah, not so much. They told me I had until 2:30 to get it here, or.... I don't know what, really, but I clearly wouldn't be taking the test that day. Luckily my mom was home and she drove it up to me. But, none of this helped my nerves. You can get as few as 75 questions, or as many as 265. Once I hit "next" after 75, I was kind of dreading it. I ended up getting 165, my friend got 75.

We went to her place afterwards to decompress. Her fiance made some pina coladas -- I was driving, so I just had a kid size one, plus a xanax to level the playing field. ;) There's apparently this "trick" to the NCLEX registration site -- after taking it, you can go through and try to register again, and if it doesn't let you, you passed. She got that message, I got this ambiguous one (but whatever, I passed). Her dad came over to visit and, along with her fiance, they demonstrated the classic male handyman presentation. The water pressure was shit in their bathroom sink (they just moved to this new apartment, which, btw, has a 24hr super), so they decided to "fix it." Cut to 2 hours later, they can't figure out how to put humpty dumpty together again -- which I called from the minute they said go. We drank and watched them look up YouTube videos, mocked them a little bit, and watched The Painted Veil. They wouldn't let us near it, for fear we might figure it out in 2 minutes flat. We let them continue to display their machismo. It was a good time, considering how stressed we were.

So, now she's STILL stressing and I'm trying to talk her down. Hopefully she either shows up on the site soon, or she gets her quick results the other way. I told her I'd come up with some booze, but she's working and said she was going to go into work and go out with everyone to lunch. I just want her to have some distractions so she's not ONLY agonizing over this. She is going to meet this dog they might adopt later tonight, and I'm kind of hoping they come home with her if it takes her mind elsewhere.

Anyway, THANK YOU ALL for the good wishes, it obviously helped! :D Next obstacle is, uh, finding a damn job (soon, 'cause I'm seriously broke).