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Whoooa, two updates in one day, three in two days? Freakish.

I need input, though. HR called me to tell me they can offer me day shift (7a-7:30p) if I'd prefer that. Obvious pro is normal sleeping pattern; cons: it'd pay a little less (like $5500 annual, so not as much as I thought, taking into consideration the middle shift differential), might be busier. There's probably more pros/cons to look at, but those are the most basic.

I don't know, the business factor might be the biggest selling point of the night shift, but while I definitely consider myself a night owl, I'm not stellar when it comes to daytime napping, never have been. There'd be at least 4 days I probably would barely see my family, I'd be on the opposite schedule of everyone else, and having to adjust for my off time may be a challenge (at least initially).

Any experience with working nights? Thoughts?

Here, I'll make this post sexier:
Tags: can't decide if i'm indecisive, the great job search of 2010
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